Moving images

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Here you can see some videos of Wilhelm Fischer machines. Convince yourself of the quality and flexibility of our machines. Starting with the compact MCP30 for breweries, up to the highly complex special machine solution for Duracell.

MCP30 Combi

Our MCP30 Combi for packing bottles or cans into machines, baskets or fully sealed packages in use. Ideal for use in repacking lines, inline or offline. (More details under MCP30 Combi)


Here you can see our MCP60 with upstream unit for orientation of swing stopper bottles. (Further details under MCP60)


How 70 servo motors pack 1000 batteries per minute at Duracell Inc. The video shows the packaging machine of Duracell's new Optimum packaging. The format adjustment between pack sizes, battery sizes, as well as the number of batteries per pack is fully automatic using servo motors from halstrup-walcher.

MCP200 Combi

Our MCP200 Combi for the packaging of bottles or cans in machines or baskets in use at BRAUEREI FORST AG - BIRRA FORST S.P.A. (Further details under MCP200 Combi)