Packaging Machines

We are one of the leading machine manufacturers when it comes to packaging products in cardboard boxes. We find a practical solution for even the most demanding requirements and have a brilliant idea that no one else has. Many of our customers therefore order machines from us repeatedly, in some cases for decades.

We achieve our top quality by focussing 100% on projects that match our core competence and our strong positioning in the market.

We design our customised solutions according to the wishes and requirements of our customers. Our aim is to develop and realise the "perfect" machine for them. This solution expertise also gives us a competitive advantage in the area of our standard machines for the brewing and beverage industry. We are constantly developing our portfolio for packaging in small containers, and the machines can also be customised or extended as required.

Breweries & Beverages

Our MCP Multipackmachines are reliable packaging machines for bottles and cans, packing from 30 to 480 packs per minute. Many well-engineered machines with a high availability and reliability are running around the world. Our machines are upgradeable and adaptable over their whole lifetime. You can use packaging material from any producer to give you a competitive advantage.

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Special solutions

More than 70 years of experience with cardboard packaging and a wide range of products make us the prime address for demanding tasks.

Our team of experts will handle the whole process for you - early concepts, pilot machines and the final production machine. Fast, efficient and reliable.

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